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Friday, April 27, 2018

Romantic Love Shayari in English 2018


Love Shayari in English for girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife Husband

Here you are going to see Romantic love shayari which you use to impress you girlfriend,boyfriend.There is nothing beautiful in a life that we live in than love. You might have saved yourself upto now but one way or the other, you fall in love with any person at any time of your life.

There have been a million times when a person couldn’t express his feelings to the person he cares for the most, he thinks of always, he speaks of all the time, he dreams of all the night and he loves all his life.If you lies in such category of person then we have something really amazing love shayari in hindi english for you.


Rab Kare Zindagi Mein Aisa Mukaam Aaye,
Meri Rooh Aur Jaan Aapke Kaam Aaye,
Har Dua Mein Bas Yehi Maangte Hain Rab Se,
Ki Agle Janam Mein Bhi Aapke Naam Ke Sath Mera Naam Aaye..

Meri Har Nazar Mein Basi Hai Tu,
Meri Har Qalam Pe Likhi Hai Tu,
Tujhe Soch Loon To Ghazal Meri,
Na Likh Sakun To Wo Khayal Hai Tu..

Har lamha yun kal Ko talash raha hai yeh dil,
Guzri yaadon ko fir se jeena chah raha hai yeh dil,
Koi mujhse bhi puch le kyun khamosh hai meri aankhein,
Meri zindagi ko fir se maang raha hai ye dil..

Wo nadaan hai baatein samajhte nahi,
Yeh din yeh raatein samjahte nahi,
Main paas bhi jaun to darr jaate hain,
Main dard nahi dawa hun samajhte nahi..

Wo nadaan hai baatein samajhte nahi,
Yeh din yeh raatein samjahte nahi,
Main paas bhi jaun to darr jaate hain,
Main dard nahi dawa hun samajhte nahi..


I Will Wait ..
Till The Day
“I” Can Forget “You” ..
The Day
You Realize
“You” Cannot Forget “Me” .

He gives us rain nd sunshine, He gives us rainbows 2o … He gives us friends 2 cherish, I know, boz he gave me U.

Missing is
than being
We Miss only
those people
who we never
want to MISS…!!

The day you fall in love with someone,
You think is the happiest day of your life,
But in actual you become the weakest person
Who can’t live without someone..!!

Sadiyo se ek sapna hain, kaho pura karoge tum,
Bhul jao mere siwa sb kuch, kaho aisa kroge tum
Nahi kuchh or tamanna ab, ke bs mere ho jao tum
Kabhi na chhor ke jaoge, kaho aisa karoge tum,
Faqat ek lafz sunne ko, kayi barson se tarsi hu,
Mujhe apna banaa lo, kaho aisa karoge tum….!!

Apni Chahat Ka Kabhi Izhar Mat
Karna, Zindgi Me Kabhi Pyar
Mat Karna, Humne Bhi Ki Thi
Yahi Galti, Aur Unhone Keh
Diya Mera Intezzar Mat Karna…!

You know you are in love,
When you see the world in her eyes,
And her eyes everywhere in the world.

hum tumhe chahte h kitna ya bataye kaise.
aap dil me bas gaye ho itna, dil se aapko nikale kaise.
jis din aap dil se nikal jaoge, ye jaan nikal. jayegi.. love you jaanu.

Kbi Kisi Ko Inta Yaad Mat Karo, K Phir Bhoola Na Sako…… Kbi Kisi Ko Inta Pyar Na Karo, K Phir Nafraat Na Kar Sako….. Kbi Kisi Ko Apne Itne Karib Na Hone Do, K Phir Apne Se Duur Na Kar Sako……….

Love is a fire. But
whether it is going to warm your heart
burn down your house,
you can never tell.

I never searched but I found you
I never asked but I have you
I never wished for anything but it come true
I just want to thank God
For Giving me such a lovely wife like you..!

Yun Bhi Hota Hai Ki Ekdum Koi Achha Lag Jaye,
Baat Kuch Bhi Na Ho Aur Dil Mein Tamasha Lag Jaye… !

I daily watch ur pic.. ?
I always wait 4 ur call.. ?
I read ur msgs atlst 5 times.. ?
I record ur voice sometimes.. ?
b’coz I love u so much baby.. ?
I always need 2 talk 2 u.. ?
I always want u 2 garb m in
urarms.. ?
I always want u 2 hold my hnd..

Dil mein chhipi yaadon se sawaru tujhe
Tu dekhe to apni ankho me utaru tujhe,
Tere naam ko labo pe aise sajaya hain,
So bhi jaau to khawbo me pukaru tujhe…!!

If she is an apple and you are an orange,
celebrate your differences,
Make a great fruit salad
Love is not about being the same,
Its about being sweet with each other.

To see you smile,
I will walk many a mile.
To hear you talk,
Hundred miles will I walk.
To touch your hand,
I will cross seven seas and land.
You are my love, life
And everything that I own. wife

U know why god created gaps between fingers,
so that at some day the one who is made 4 u,
comes to fills those gaps by holding ur hand forever.

Love is like a cloud, love is like a dream
Love is one word & every thing in between
Love is fairytale come true
Because i found love when I found you..!

The Best Gift you Got in Your life is
“Finding someone
who knows all Your Mistakes ‘n Weaknesses
and still thinks
You’re completely Amazing”.. !!

Mujhe tum se mohabbat ho gai hai
Yeh duniya khubsurat ho gai hai.
Khuda se roz, tumhein mangti hoon
Meri chahat, meri ibadat ho gai hai..!!

Kudrat Ne di hai tumhe ye khushi, kabhi bhi na khona ye hansi, kya pata kal hum ho ya na ho, par yahan hai nahi koi tum jaisi………

some say love happens only once
some say love can happen twice
bt i can say tht i hve fallen in love like a million times
cause every time i see u i fall in love with u again & again

There are always those kind of any persons who even though want to say their feelings to their partners, but hesitate due to feeling shy, being afraid or not saying due to the fear or rejection.


You know it’s normal. Don’t worry for yourself because this thing happens to almost everybody. You don’t need to rehearse what you wanna say, you don’t need to pretend, you don’t need to worry and you don’t need to be scared.

You know what’s in your heart, but maybe you’re having trouble putting it into words. There are many ways to express your love. All you need is a little inspiration to help you realise what you want to say.

Sometimes it is tough to find the words, even if you have warm fuzzies in your heart. You may know that your partner send you positive vibes but how to show your love for him/her?

Relationships can blossom beyond your wildest imagination that it would get to a point where all the sweet and romantic love words in all the best of dictionaries will fail to perfectly describe how your partner makes you feel.

It’s such a time that words do fail to express romantic streaks you feel deep inside. And if you are not there yet, it’s just a matter of time and your own season shall come too.

No matter how scintillating a moment the above is, the truth of it is that nothing grows which is not planted and cultivated. To think about having a relationship that has no moment of ill feeling and such that will continue in unending bliss is easier. It still takes effort to make such happen, not just your thoughts and talks.


So you might be finding the perfect point here. It’s pretty obvious- go and speak your heart out by not just saying ‘I love you’ but actually thinking outside the box. Yes, we’re talking about love shayari for your partner.

The thing with Love shayari is that you can send it anytime to your partner, anywhere and anyhow. You can easily convey your feelings with Romantic Love shayari. So do you know what to say actually? Let’s guide you through.

You can say the following thing to your partner as love shayaris and convey your love. So go on and speak your heart out to your partner.

Meri mohabbat hai woh koi majboori to nahin,
Woh mujhe chahe ya mil jaye, zaroori to nahin,

Yeh kuch kam hai ke basa hai meri saanson mein,

Woh saamne ho meri aankhon ke zaroori to nahin.

Hum Ruthe To Kiske Bharose,
Kaun Hai Jo Aayega Hume Manane Ke Liye,

Ho Sakta Hai Taras Aa Bhi Jaye Aapko..

Par Dil Kaha Se Laau.. Aapse Ruth Jane K Liye.

Aapki ye nigaah meherbaan ho jaye,
Yeh zameen bhi aasmaan ho jaye,

Shak ho agar mere ishq par,

To jab chaahe mera imtihaan ho jaye!

Humne tumko jab se paya hai,
Hamesha sar aankhon pe tumhe baithaya hai,

Tum ko sanam aur de bhi kya sakta hu,

Tumhe roshan karne ke liye humne khud ko jalaya hai.

Akele me agar yaad teri na aye,
Toh wo tanhaai kis kaam ki,

Bane na agar bigde rishte,

Toh aisi khudaai kis kaam ki,

Hume apni manzil tak jaana hai beshak,

Magar tum na dikho jaha se, wo uchaai kis kaam ki.

Kasoor na unka hai na hamara,
Hum dono bas rishto ki rasmein hi nibhate rahe,

Dosti ka ehsaas wo jatate rahe,

Aur hum is mohabbat ko bas dil me hi chipate rahe.

Akele me agar yaad teri na aye,
Toh wo tanhaai kis kaam ki,

Bane na agar bigde rishte,

Toh aisi khudaai kis kaam ki,

Hume apni manzil tak jaana hai beshak,

Magar tum na dikho jaha se, wo uchaai kis kaam ki

Dil se roye magar honto se muskura beithe,
yunhi hum kisi se wafa nibha beithe,

wo hame ek lamha na de paye apne pyar ka,

aur hum unke liye apni zindagi gawa beithe.

Aankhon mein rahaa dil mein utarkar nahin dekha,
Kishti ke musafir ne samandar nahin dekha,

Patthar mujhe kahta hai mira chahne wala,

Main mom hun usne mujhe chhookar nahin dekha!


Mast Nazron se dekh lenaa tha
Agar tamanna thi aazmane ki,

Hum to behosh youn hi ho jaate

Kya zaroorat thi muskurane ki.

i love you shayari for girlfriend

Bahut chaha usko jise hum pa na sake,
Khayalon me kisi aur ko la na sake.

Usko dekh ke aansoo to ponchh liye,

Lekin kisi auor ko dekh ke muskura na sake.

Ham apne is ikhtiyar ki had sey guzar gaye,
tumhe chaha toh pyar ki had sey guzar gaye,

Ab Jaagi hain dil mei gulaabo ki aarzu,

Jab mausam-e-bahaar ki had sey guzar gaye!

Kisike sapne jab kisike armaan ban jaaye,
Kisiki hansi jab kisiki muskaan ban jaaye,

Pyar hi toh kehtey hai na usse,

Kisiki saansey jab kisiki jaan ban jaaye!

Intezaar tera mujhe har waqt rehta hain,
Lamha-lamha bas mujhe tera hi ehsaas rehta hain,

Bin tere dhadkane jaise ruk see jaati hai,

Kyunki tu mere dil me dhadkan ban ke rehta hai!

Humne Akhon K Saamney Har Pal Aapko Paaya Hein
Apne Dil Me Sirf Aapko Hee Basaayaa Hein;

Bin Aaapke Aakhir Ham Jiyengein Bhee Toh Kaise

Bhalaa Jaaan Binaa Bhi Koi Aakhir Jee Paaya Hein!


Tum Nafrat Naa Karna Kabhi Humsey,
Ye Ham Sehe Nahi Paayenge,

Bas Keh Dena Ek Baar Ki Zaroorat Nhi Tumhaari,

Bas Kasam Uss Khuda Ki, Tumhaari Zindagi Se Has Kr Chale Jaayenge!

Naa Hona Tum Meri Nazar Se Door Ik Pal Key Liye Bhi
Tera Wajood Hi Lazim Hain Meri Gazal K Liye,

Kaise Laun Charag Se Woh Badan Dhoondh K,

Ab Bas Taras Gayi Ye Nigaaahe Kanwal-Kanwal Ke Liye!

Woh Misaal Hum Ishq Me Banaayengein;
Ki Aankhe Jab Tum Band Karogein Toh Bas Hum Aayengein

Itnaa Pyaaar Hum Bhar Denge Aapkey Dil Me Ki;

Bas Sab Se Pehhle Hum Hi Yaad Aayengein!

Kya Hotaa He Dard Yeh Bataayengein Ek Roz
Pyaar Ki Sureeli Gazal Hum Sunaayege Kisi Roz;

Thee Unki Ye Zid Ki Hum Aaye Unko Manaane;

Hume Yeh Wehem Tha Woh Bulaayenge Kisi Roz!

Aapke Iss Pyar Me Hum Kuchh Aisaa Kr Jaaenge
Khushbu Ban Kr Hawaa Me Bikhar Jaaenge;

Agar Chaaho Hume Bhulana Toh Saanso Ko Rokk Lenaa;

Warna Saanss Logein Toh Hum Dil Me Utar Jaaenge!

Many of the times, you might feel they you are out of words for the person whom you love. You just want to convey yourself, your true feelings, your consent and just reside into them. We know it’s not easy, but being honest, it’s not difficult either with our set of love shayari to express your feeling toward you love.I hope these free love shayari in english will help you can can also check out some free romantic shayari for your wife here.