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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Railways will give you 1 lakh rupees, you will have to sit at home


Railways will give you 1 lakh rupees, you will have to sit at home

Write tagline: You can write taglines for IRCTC at home. If your tagline proved to be the best, then 50,000 rupees would be given from Indian Railways.

The last date for sending his entry for him is March 31. However, before you send an entry about this, read the rule and condition you have decided on this. You can go to https://static.mygov.in/rest/s3fs-public/mygov_15186771109017401.pdf for that.

Prepare the logo: Create an attractive logo of IRCTC and get a chance to win up to Rs 1 lakh. If this is a master in designing, then this is a good opportunity for you.

You also have time till March 31 for that. Like the tagline, there are some rules and conditions for that too. Make it only after reading this rule and condition.

Give a new name: You have another chance, give a new name to IRCTC. For that, you have the same time as 31 March to 5 pm on the same day.

If your new name is selected, you can win 1 million rupees. Not only that, the name given to you will become the history of India. Also, work only after reading the terms and conditions for this.

You can go to Mygov.in to keep track of all these competitions and many such plans. Here you will find complete information about this plan.

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