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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

HANS PowerPack 300


HANS PowerPack 300

HANS™ PowerPack 300 you can generate, store and use an impressive 300 watt-hours of electricity – without getting an electric bill. Its built-in lights will brighten any room, and guide your way on a dark night. Its built-in USB port keeps you in touch by charging your mobile phone. It’s 12-volt port allows you to operate small electrical devices such as computers and televisions. Best of all, you can recharge it with sunlight. The HANS™ PowerPack 300 weighs only 4kg, but is strong and built to last. In fact, it comes with a 12-year warranty.

HANS PowerPack 300 Features & Benefits

The premium power plant – without an electric bill.
A single charge provides:
300 hours of light (maximum).
30 mobile phone charges (maximum)*.
Can power larger electrical devices such as computers and televisions.
Can be charged four ways:
HANS™ Solar Briefcase (sold separately)
HANS™ Free Electric Bike (sold separately)
Built-in solar panel (included)
AC charging cord (included)
Long-lasting lithium battery.
Lightweight (4kg) and portable.
Rugged, durable construction.
12-year warranty.
Official Website: Click Here