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Saturday, August 12, 2017

6 Steps For Creating Your Own Money Making App

App layout is trending in the interim; human beings are leaping at the danger to turn out to be the next 'app-reneur'. Fruit ninja, the simple-but-addictive recreation created by means of halfbrick, ultimate year hit greater than one thousand million downloads, so the sales would add as much as thoughts boggling figures! It seems smooth, would not it? Give you the idea and then get different people to build it. But, there is a lot of planning involved with creating the app; and in my thoughts it is just as stressful as growing a small enterprise. In this submit, i have completed the studies and set out six easy recommendations for developing your personal app.

Look at the e-commerce market these days. It's all fledged with thriving start-ups and businesses that earn commendable revenue from just a mobile application. Don't believe us? Open any app store of your choice and check out on your own. Such stores are flooded with millions of mobile applications for every single purpose that comes across your mind. So, if at any point, you planned to come with a mobile application for your products, this article is for you. Read on to learn how you can design your own applications that fetch you good revenue.


This form the foundation of your project. Basing upon this, you are going to develop and create an online application. So, you will have to undergo wise consultations and brainstorming in the initial stage. Make sure you know the following about your project:

  1. What is your project?
  2. What problems does it solve?
  3. How is it needed?
  4. How unique is it?
  5. What sets it apart from other similar products?
  6. Who is your target audience?

Action plan

Once you have an idea in your mind, it's time for the conceptualization and strategization. You will need a robust strategy that makes your product stand strong in the market even at times of adversities. You will have to ensure that you have an action plan ready to execute for all the probable situations. Following are a few instances you need to be very clear about:
  • What problem are you solving? 
  • Is there a lucrative unmet pain point you can solve for customers? 
  • What devices will your app be accessed on - should you prototype a web app (cheaper and faster) before you go mobile? 
  • Is your product idea location-based? 
  • Who are your competitors? 
  • What makes you different from everyone else? 
  • What will be great and new about the app? 
  • What features are need to have?
  • Why will people use it? 
  • How much effort are you willing to invest (time, money, people)? 
  • Build that solid base, without the foundation of a strong idea, the whole project may crumble under the weight of everything else.

Code and graphic design

You may come up with a very attractive app that is all wrapped with glitz and glam. But when it comes to its functionalities, it fails to grab the audience's interest. Clients sometimes demand their developers to customize the application and implement the personalized design in order to make it appear attractive, ignoring its functionalities. We would recommend you abstain from doing that. The coding stage might cost you a little more time and money compared to the design stage, but if done right, it will be worth it at the end. It's imperative that you find the right balance between them. Collaborate with compatible and experienced developers and share with them what exactly you want in your app.

  • What kind of budget do you have? 
  • Think about your target customer (outline who are they, behavioural characteristics), will you charge for your app? Or is it free? 
  • How will you fund the development process? 
  • Who's going to help you make it and can you pay them?
  • How will you promote it once it's built? 
  • Are you prepared to fail if you launch and you don't get the traction you expect?

Testing/ debugging

When you are happy with what the coders and architects have produced it's time to collect and take a look at it out to your ios device. If you have a group of friends which are willing to be testers it makes your life a bit simpler and development a bit cheaper. Bear in mind you also need to have actual potential clients testing your app too. If a person finds a computer virus within the app, be aware it down and notice if other humans are having the identical problem. If a person is locating it difficult to navigate around the app, ask them about what they suppose will fix it. Preserve in touch together with your coder and dressmaker, as they may need so that you can fix matters up when you need them to be fixed.

Once you are satisfied with the work of your coders and developers, it's time to test your app on an iPhone or Android device. Ask people around to try out your app and note down every single obstacle they face while using your app. If at all, they come across any bug, make a note of it and pass on the necessary details to your developers. You will need them to fix those bugs time and again.

Go live­

You have your app, and now you are happy that nothing is wrong with it and are ready to take that leap into making your project live.

Now that you are assured that all the bugs are fixed and your app is all set to go live, abide by a few guidelines that outline a minimum standard to stick to. Your app will have to fulfill certain criteria and once approved, your application will go live on the app store.

Front end

Creating an app looking from the outdoor into the realm of the app introduction may additionally look easy and smooth to do. However, there are loads of factors that pass on in the back of the scene and it may get very complicated and high priced (time, cash, interest). Streamlining the process by way of which we suggest taking an agile method to growing the commercial enterprise and product concept may be very vital and could give you the greatest threat of fulfillment. Concept, execution and a testing mentality is crucial, preserve the function set lean till you have confirmed the idea.

The front end is just the upper crust or the creamy layer as you may say. You may have a very simple looking app or a very vibrant one. But it's always what's functioning within that makes it survive in the long run. So, it recommended that you adopt an approach to develop business friendly, dynamic, and conceptualized the application that serves better than the rest.

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